PSOBLTA v Stoke Park – 3 November 2019

PSOBLTA v Stoke Park Won 4-0 PSOBLTA team: Jeffery Chow, Ben Gordon-Smith, Brad Keenes and Ben Rogers Stoke Park team: Marc Codling, Nic Gorey, Chester King and Peter Savage PSOBLTA first pair: Jeffery Chow and Ben Gordon Smith: beat Marc Codling and Peter Savage 7-5, 6-1 beat Nic Gorey and Chester King 6-1, 6-1 PSOBLTA […]

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC – 8 September 2019

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Edward Kandell, Albert Lochte Jensen and Ben Rogers Campden Hill team: Harry Clifford,Adam Gunasekara, Ricardo Monti and Ben Zuckerman PSOBLTA first pair: Edward Kandell and Ben Rogers: beat Harry Clifford and Ben Zuckerman 7-5, 6-4 lost to Adam Gunasekara and Ricardo Monti 4-6, 4-6 […]

PSOBLTA v Westside LTC – 8 September 2019

PSOBLTA v Westside LTC Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Russell Dykes, Harry Gardner, Brad Keenes and Ashley Tatum Whilst the D’Abernon Cup final was being played at the All England Club, another Pubs contingent were competing in a tightly contested but probably less intense tussle a short walk away across the Common at Westside. A favoured fixture […]

PSOBLTA v Edgbaston Priory – 1 September 2019

PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Davor Pavlovic, Ben Rogers and Paul Siviter Edgbaston Priory team: Tom Holland, Rick Knight, Jack Lee and Jack McArdle PSOBLTA first pair: Davor Pavlovic and Ben Rogers beat Rick Knight and Jack Lee 5-7, 6-3, 10-8 beat Tom Holland and Jack McArdle 6-2, 6-1 PSOBLTA second pair: Jon Basell and Paul […]

PSOBLTA 90th Anniversary tournament – 31 August 2019

Under blue skies, sixteen members of the PUB’s complete with family and friends descended upon the lush grass courts of Stoke Park to partake in a mix-in tournament to mark the 90th anniversary of the Association, the first of three events scheduled to take place over the course of the year.  The format of the day would […]

PSOBLTA v AELTC – 25 August 2019

PSOBLTA v AELTC Won 4-0 PSOBLTA team: Chris Clark, Ed Fry, Chris Jenkins, Jamie Muirhead AELTC team: Jonathan Cooper, Conor McCullough, Ross Niland and Gary Stewart On the August bank holiday weekend and in the scorching heat, the PSOBLTA played its most prestigious match of the year against the AELTC. The match is played for […]


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