PSOBLTA v Roehampton Club – 8 June 2019

PSOBLTA v Roehampton Club Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Andy Hill, Chris Jenkins, Jono Sumner and Tim Thomas On Saturday, 8 June 2019, the Pubs team played a strong Roehampton team which was captained by fellow PSOBLTA member, Richard Ground. There were four well-contested matches in some blustery conditions but despite the weather, the players enjoyed […]

PSOBLTA v The Leys – 19 May 2019

PSOBLTA v The Leys Won 3-1 PSOBLTA team: Tom Green, Jagdev Sagoo, Jonathan Tremaine and Rich Wire The PSOBLTA put out a full Old Leysian squad for the match against the school.  The Pubs has a strong side and secured a 3-1 victory, demonstrating that the alumni were still up to the task.  Unfortunately, the […]

PSOBLTA v Imperial College – 19 May 2019

PSOBLTA v Imperial College Lost 3-1 PSOBLTA team: Greg Caterer, Brad Keenes, Mike Llewelyn and Tom WIlliams Imperial College team: Adam Gunasekara , James Marchant, Avinash Murthy and Gianpiero Placidi PSOBLTA 1st pair: Greg Caterer and Tom Williams beat James Marchant and Gianpiero Placidi 6-4, 4-6, 10-6 lost to Adam Gunasekara and Avinash Murthy 6-3, […]

PSOBLTA v Cambridge Blues – 12 May 2019

PSOBLTA v Cambridge Blues Lost 11-1 PSOBLTA team: Alex Grocott, Asad Khan, Vasya Kusmartsev Mike Llewellyn, Jamie Muirhead, Tim Thomas, and Will Reay An excellent afternoon of tennis on the fantastic grass courts. Sadly the Pubs side did not manage to bring home any silverware against a strong Cambridge side. After one round of singles, […]

PSOBLTA v Bromsgrove School – 4 May 2019

PSOBLTA v Bromsgrove School Won 3-1 PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Nick Grove, Paul Siviter and Philip Siviter Bromsgrove School team: Martyn Gochev, Luke Law, Cameron Owen and Stuart Shanon, PSOBLTA 1st pair: Paul Siviter and Philip Siviter: beat Luke Law and Stuart Shanon 7-6, 3-6, 10-7 beat Martyn Gochev and Cameron Owen 6-3, 6-0 PSOBLTA […]

PSOBLTA v St. George’s College – 30 March 2019

PSOBLTA v St. George’s College Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Jamie Boden, Edward Kandell, Mike Llewellyn and Rory Pullinger St. George’s College team: Matthew Bates, Dan Garcia, Matthew Nair and Taylor Papworth PSOBLTA 1st pair: Jamie Boden and Edward Kandell: lost to Dan Garcia and Taylor Papworth 6-2, 1-6, 2-10 beat Matthew Bates and Matthew Nair […]


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