PSOBLTA v Fitzwilliam LTC – 22 February 2020

PSOBLTA v Fitzwilliam LTC Lost 5-4 PSOBLTA team: 1st Pair: Matt Kirby & Tim Matthewson & 2nd Pair: Jamie Boden & Ben Rogers 3rd Pair: Jon Basell & Dom Hemy Fitzwilliam team: 1st Pair: Sean Collins & Damon Gaffney 2nd Pair: Mikey Clarkson & Sean McCullough 3rd Pair: Daniel Burnett & Mike Johnston PSOBLTA 1st […]

PSOBLTA v Stoke Park – 3 November 2019

PSOBLTA v Stoke Park Won 4-0 PSOBLTA team: Jeffery Chow, Ben Gordon-Smith, Brad Keenes and Ben Rogers Stoke Park team: Marc Codling, Nic Gorey, Chester King and Peter Savage PSOBLTA first pair: Jeffery Chow and Ben Gordon Smith: beat Marc Codling and Peter Savage 7-5, 6-1 beat Nic Gorey and Chester King 6-1, 6-1 PSOBLTA […]

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC – 8 September 2019

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Edward Kandell, Albert Lochte Jensen and Ben Rogers Campden Hill team: Harry Clifford,Adam Gunasekara, Ricardo Monti and Ben Zuckerman PSOBLTA first pair: Edward Kandell and Ben Rogers: beat Harry Clifford and Ben Zuckerman 7-5, 6-4 lost to Adam Gunasekara and Ricardo Monti 4-6, 4-6 […]

PSOBLTA v Westside LTC – 8 September 2019

PSOBLTA v Westside LTC Draw 2-2 PSOBLTA team: Russell Dykes, Harry Gardner, Brad Keenes and Ashley Tatum Whilst the D’Abernon Cup final was being played at the All England Club, another Pubs contingent were competing in a tightly contested but probably less intense tussle a short walk away across the Common at Westside. A favoured fixture […]

PSOBLTA v Edgbaston Priory – 1 September 2019

PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Davor Pavlovic, Ben Rogers and Paul Siviter Edgbaston Priory team: Tom Holland, Rick Knight, Jack Lee and Jack McArdle PSOBLTA first pair: Davor Pavlovic and Ben Rogers beat Rick Knight and Jack Lee 5-7, 6-3, 10-8 beat Tom Holland and Jack McArdle 6-2, 6-1 PSOBLTA second pair: Jon Basell and Paul […]

PSOBLTA 90th Anniversary tournament – 31 August 2019

Under blue skies, sixteen members of the PUB’s complete with family and friends descended upon the lush grass courts of Stoke Park to partake in a mix-in tournament to mark the 90th anniversary of the Association, the first of three events scheduled to take place over the course of the year.  The format of the day would […]


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