Match Details

Fixture: PSOBLTA vs. Campden Hill LTC.

Date: Friday 10th November 2023

Venue: Campden Hill LTC, Kensington

Format: 2 x doubles

Courts: Indoor Acrylic

Start Time: 6.30pm



1st Pair: Kristian Hunter (Capt.) & Thomas Colautti

2nd Pair: Harry Beard & Will Handley


1st Pair: Rory Thompson & Zach Hewlin

2nd Pair: Ben Zuckerman (Capt.) & George Trudgill

PSOBLTA 1st : Kristian Hunter & Thomas Colautti  Lost 3-6, 3-6  VS.  CHLTC 1st Rory Thompson & Zach Hewlin

PSOBLTA 1st: Kristian Hunter & Thomas Colautti  Won 6-2, 6-2  VS.  CHLTC 2nd Ben Zuckerman & George Trudgill

PSOBLTA 2nd: Harry Beard & Will Handley  Lost 0-6, 2-6   VS.  CHLTC 2nd Ben Zuckerman & George Trudgill

PSOBLTA 2nd: Harry Beard & Will Handley  Lost 2-6, 1-6   VS.  CHLTC 1st Rory Thompson & Zach Hewlin

Match Report

After a late change in the match date by CHLTC, we played this very entertaining two pair doubles fixture on Friday 10th November 2023, on the indoor courts at Campden Hill. It was a well contested match with CHLTC fielding an impressive side again this year. The PUBs almost secured a draw but the hosts proved just too strong in the end and eventually sealed a 3-1 victory for back-to-back wins. Afterwards, both teams enjoyed a match tea very kindly put on by the club.

A special mention must go to Will Handley who was representing the PSOBLTA for the first time and whom we hope to see play more fixtures in 2024 and beyond. Thanks must also go to Kristian Hunter for captaining the PUBs team on the day, Tom Colautti for answering the call to arms, and to CHLTC and their team captain, Ben Zuckerman, for hosting the fixture. We look forward to challenging again next year!

Jon Basell – Match Manager


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