Roll of Honour

The roll of honour for the D’Abernon Cup is:

2023Old ReptoniansOld Georgians6-3 (Report)
2022Old ReptoniansOld Bromsgrovians8-1
2021No tournament
2020No tournament
2019Old ReptoniansOld Reedonians5-4
2018Old ReedoniansOld Reptonians5-4
2017Old ReptoniansOld Reedonians5-4
2016Old ReptoniansOld Paulines7-2
2015Old ReedoniansOld Reptonians5-4
2014Old ReptoniansOld Reedonians6-3
2013KCS Old BoysUCS Old Boys6-0 (last round not completed)
2012KCS Old BoysOld Paulines5-4
2011KCS Old BoysOld Paulines5-4
2010USC Old BoysKCS Old Boys5-4
2009Old BromsgroviansKCS Old Boys6-3
2008Old ReedoniansKCS Old Boys6-3
2007KCS Old BoysUSC Old Boys6-3
2006KCS Old BoysOld Paulines7.5-1.5
2005KCS Old BoysOld Paulines7-2
2004Old PaulinesKCS Old Boys5-4
2003KCS Old BoysOld Paulines
2002Old PaulinesKCS Old Boys5-4
2001Old PaulinesKCS Old Boys5-4
2000Old PaulinesOld Reptonians5.5-3.5
1999Old ReptoniansLancing Old Boys
1998Old CarthursiansKCS Old Boys5-4
1997Old ReptoniansKCS Old Boys6-3
1996Old ReptoniansKCS Old Boys5.5-0.5 (last round not completed)
1995Old ReptoniansOld Paulines5-4
1994Old PaulinesKCS Old Boys6-0 (last round not completed)
1993KCS Old BoysOld Paulines6-3
1992Old PaulinesOld Carthusians5-4
1991Old PaulinesOld Elthamians5-1 (last round not completed)
1990Old PaulinesOld Georgians5-1 (last round not completed)
1989Old PaulinesUSC Old Boys5-1 (last round not completed)
1988Old ElthamiansOld Wykehamists7-2
1987Old PaulinesOld Elthamians5-1 (last round not completed)
1986Old PaulinesOld Marlburians6-1 (last round not completed)
1985Old PaulinesOld Etonians
1984Old EtonainsOld Paulines
1983Old EtonainsUCS Old Boys5-3 (last round not completed)
1982UCS Old BoysOld Etonians5-4
1981Old PaulinesUCS Old Boys5-3 (last round not completed)
1980UCS Old BoysOld Paulines
1979UCS Old BoysOld Paulines
1978UCS Old BoysOld Felstedians
1977UCS Old BoysOld Bradfieldians
1976UCS Old BoysOld Bradfieldians
1975UCS Old BoysOld Bradfieldians5-4
1974Old BradfieldiansOld Paulines
1973UCS Old BoysOld Paulines5-4
1972Old PaulinesOld Bradfieldians5-4
1971Old PaulinesOld Bradfieldians
1970Old PaulinesOld Bradfieldians
1969UCS Old BoysOld Bradfieldians
1968UCS Old BoysLancing Old Boys
1967UCS Old BoysLancing Old Boys
1966UCS Old BoysLancing Old Boys
1965UCS Old BoysOld Paulines
1964UCS Old BoysKCS Old Boys
1963UCS Old BoysOld Whitgiftians
1962UCS Old BoysOld Lyonions7-2
1961UCS Old BoysOld Rugbeians9-0
1960UCS Old Boys
1959UCS Old BoysOld Carthusians6-3
1958UCS Old BoysOld Carthusians5-4
1957UCS Old BoysOld Carthusians7-2
1956Old Mid-WhitgiftiansOld Carthusians5-4
1955Old CarthusiansKCS Old Boys6-3
1954Old CarthusiansKCS Old Boys7-2
1953Old HaileyburiansOld Marlburians 5-4
1952KCS Old Boys
1950Old Mid-Whitgiftians
1948Old MillhilliansOld Haileyburians 3-1
1947Old Rugbeians
1946Old RugbeiansOld Marlburians 2-1
1945No tournament
1944No tournament
1943No tournament
1942No tournament
1941No tournament
1940No tournament
1939Old Carthusians
1935Old Carthusians and Old Paulines7-7
1931Old CarthusiansOld Rugbeians9-2 (4 not played)
1930Old CarthusiansKCS Old Boys11-2 (2 not played)
1929Old CarthusiansOld Rugbeians5-4

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