The Public School Old Boys played against Oxford Blues on Sunday 4th June 2023 and once again, the fixture was played on the club’s grass courts at University Parks. A superb setting for this newly revived fixture after a brief hiatus.

PSOBLTA team: Ben Rogers, Stu Shannon, Paul Cowie, Davor Pavlovic
Oxford Blues team: Sam Christie, Ignacio Perez, Fabian Spoendlin, Krishna Gowda

The PUBs found themselves 2-0 up after the first round of matches, with a close match for the second pair (Paul Cowie and Davor Pavlovic), who won in a third set championship tiebreak. Despite the best efforts of Oxford Blues, the second round of matches were less dramatic, but still with several turning points! The PUBs eventually won the fixture 4-0, which is an impressive feat considering the depth of talent available to the opposition. 

PSOBLTA first pair: Ben Rogers and Stu Shannon:

beat Sam Christie and Ignacio Perez 6-0 6-1

beat Fabian Spoendlin and Krishna Gowda 6-1 6-0

PSOBLTA second pair: Paul Cowie and Davor Pavlovic:

beat Sam Christie and Ignacio Perez 5-7 7-6(9) 10-7

beat Fabian Spoendlin and Krishna Gowda 6-4 6-3

A huge thanks to Louis Manson for organising the fixture and the players for giving up their weekend to host the team around exam-season. We look forward to coming back next year, when I have a feeling the 2024 fixture will be an even higher standard!

Ben Rogers – Match Manager


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