Officers & Committee


PresidentH.B. Weatherill (Malvern College)
ChairmanA.J.K. Tatum (King's College School)
Hon. SecretaryC. Jenkins (St. Paul's School)
Hon. TreasurerP. Siviter (Bromsgrove School)

Committee Members

J. Barr (Stewart’s Melville College)
J. Basell (Royal Grammar School Worcester)
C.P. Billington (Bradfield College)
A. Blackman (Reed's School)
C.P. Boden (St. George’s College)
E.A. Cooper (Bristol Grammar School)
J. R. Cooper (Colston's School)
B. Gordon-Smith (Bromsgrove School)
B. Keenes (Bloxham School)
C.M. King (Stowe School)
J. Muirhead (Repton School)

A list of previous Officers of the Association since 1929 can be found here.


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