PSOBLTA v Westside LTC – 16 September 2018

PSOBLTA v Westside LTC

Lost 4-0








Greg Caterer, Russell Dykes, Brad Keenes and Tim Stotesbury

Westside LTC team:

Jorge Beltrao, Michael Faulkner, Arthur Fery and Casper Scheible

In this Season of Apostasy where even our Chairman and Honorary Secretary have sided with opposition forces, it almost came as relief to see only one of our kinsmen flying the wrong colours as we arrived to play one of our favoured fixtures at Westside last Sunday.  With the home team manager being one of our own we are usually assured a fair balance of protagonists (usually slightly weighted on their favour, but all’s fair in love and war) and so it appeared on the day…

That is, until the home team had to re-select their second pairing due to an unfortunate incapacitation more familiar to backpacking travellers to the Subcontinent…the incontinent subcontinent, if you get my meaning…  Our sympathies went to Rob who despite every effort could not put in an appearance, and to Simon who decided to pull out and allow two of the younger members of the club to step in to play as a pair.  And so it was that joining Casper (two matches for us and two matches against us this season!) were Arthur Fery and Jorge Beltrao, Surrey U16 Double champions and soon to be full time player.

I shalln’t dwell on the scores but a very pleasant Sunday morning was spent watching some fine tennis being played, although a rather regrettable score of 0 – 4 shall have to be recorded in the archive.

Many thanks to Austin who did his best to organise the fixture in absentia and to Simon who managed to improvise the arrangements at such short notice, and to the club for their continued hospitality and welcome and of course to all the players who dedicated their time and effort to the proceedings.

Brad Keenes – PSOBLTA Match Manager

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