PSOBLTA v International Club of GB – 5 August 2017

PSOBLTA v International Club of GB Lost 5-4               On Saturday, 5 August the Pubs played the IC of GB at the magnificent Stoke Park – always a high standard match and this year was no different.  Although the weather was a bit mixed, the fixture started off on […]

2017 D’Abernon Cup finalists

The D’Abernon Cup semi-finals took place over the weekend and the finalists are: Old Reptonians v Old Reedonians Both sides came through their semi-finals with 4-0 wins. This results in a final consisting of the 2016 winners playing the 2015 winners.  Furthermore, this will be the third time in four years that these two teams […]

PSOBLTA v St George’s Hill – 15 July 2017

PSOBLTA v St George’s Hill LTC Lost 2.5-1.5       PSOBLTA team: Russell Dykes, Ed Fry, Brad Keenes and Tim Stotesbury St George’s Hill team: Jeremy Fleming, Chris Jenkins, Ken MacDonald and Simon Terry One of the Association’s longest standing matches and always a pleasure playing on the immaculate grass courts at St George’s Hill […]

PSOBLTA v Independent Schools LTA – 24 June 2017

PSOBLTA v Independent Schools LTA Lost 3-1               PSOBLTA team: Tim Barkey, Adrian Blackman, Andy Bray and Sean Thornley The Pubs ventured to St George’s College on Saturday, 24 June 2017 to play the Avory Shield and had an excellent match on the fine grass courts.  This year, the boys […]

2017 D’Abernon Cup – semi-final draw

The quarter-finals of the D’Abernon Cup have now been completed and the semi-finalists are now ready to play for their chance to play in the final at AELTC on Saturday, 9 September 2016. The semi-final draw is as follows: Old Reptonians (1) v KCS Old Boys Old Reedonians v Old Paulines (2) KCS Old Boys and Old Reedonians are […]

PSOBLTA v Roehampton Club – 10 June 2017

PSOBLTA v The Roehampton Club Draw 2-2       PUBS fightback for a hard earned draw on the grass at Roehampton Saturday, 10 June 2017 saw one of our favourite match venues, The Roehampton Club, playing host to the mighty PUBS.  What can be better than grass court tennis in blazing sunshine at one […]

PSOBLTA v Cambridge Blues – 28 May 2017

PSOBLTA v Cambridge Blues Lost 10-2         PSOBLTA team: Andrew Bray, Greg Caterer, Brad Keenes, Tom Knapp, Jamie Muirhead, Nikhil Sharma and John Taylor Cambridge Blues team: Martin Florea, Jerry Ganendra, Michal Kaminski, Aleks Mardinian, Jack Long-Martinez, Toni Morales, Tim Prossor Round 1 (Singles): Andy Bray vs Michal Kaminski:                         Lost 4-6, 3-6 Jamie […]

PSOBLTA v Eton College – 25 May 2017

PSOBLTA v Eton College Lost 6-3             Driving down the M40 and catching Paul Wellers abrasive chords on the  playlist  “sup up your beer and collect your fags/ there’s a row going on down near slough…”, I should perhaps have been more cautious about the augurs but we had come […]

PSOBLTA v Bromsgrove School – 20 May 2017

PSOBLTA v Bromsgrove School Postponed             Sadly, the PUBS v Bromsgrove School fixture was cancelled on Saturday.  The forecast was not great, but the team were keen and hopeful to still play.  Given the heavens opened at lunchtime, the match was called off; however, the hardy team that turned up (Jon Basell, […]

PSOBLTA v The Leys School – 6 May 2017

PSOBLTA v The Leys School Won 4-0             PSOBLTA team: Scott Creed, Brad Keenes, Rob Searle and Keith Springall The Leys School team: Finn Carmichael, Max Forbes, Will Ingle, Richard Poulter and Krishna Puvvada PSOBLTA first pair: Rob Searle & Keith Springall beat Max Forbes & Richard Poulter 6-3, 6-3 beat Will Ingle […]


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