PSOBLTA v Cumberland LTC – 5 August 2018

PSOBLTA v Cumberland LTC Lost 4-0             PSOBLTA team: Scott Creed, Tom Greene, Asad Khan and Jamie Muirhead Cumberland LTC team: Matt Morrow, Tim Prosser, Gregg Weir and Sergy Yelnik PSOBLTA first pair: Scott Creed and Tom Greene lost to Matt Morrow and Gregg Weir 3-6, 7-6, 4-10 lost to […]

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC – 21 July 2018

PSOBLTA v Campden Hill LTC Won 4-0               PSOBLTA team: Marc Baghdadi, Jon Basell, Greg Caterer and Jack Thompson Campden Hill LTC team: Freddie Clamp, Harry Clifford, Ricardo Monti and Jon Simon PSOBLTA first pair: Marc Baghdadi and Greg Caterer beat Freddie Clamp and Harry Clifford 6-3, 1-6, 11-9 […]

PSOBLTA v St George’s Hill LTC – 14 July 2018

PSOBLTA v St George’s Hill LTC Lost 3-1               PSOBLTA team: Chris Clark, Jonathan Cooper, Brad Keenes and Tim Stotesbury St George’s Hill team: Marc Baghdadi, Jeremy Fleming, Chris Jenkins and George Robinson PSOBLTA first pair: Chris Clark and Jonathan Cooper lost to Marc Baghdadi and George Robinson 7-5, […]

PSOBLTA v The Roehampton Club – 10 June 2018

PSOBLTA v The Roehampton Club Won 3.5-0.5               PSOBLTA team: Andy Bray, Johnny Barr, Harry Burley and Tim Thomas The Roehampton Club team: Richard Ground, John Sinik, Fred Warneryd and Tim Webb PSOBLTA first pair: Harry Burley and Tim Thomas beat John Sinik and Fred Warneryd 6-1, 6-3 beat […]

PSOBLTA v Eton College – 5 June 2018

PSOBLTA v Eton College Drew 3-3               PSOBLTA team: Jon Basell, Adrian Blackman, Russell Dykes and Brad Keenes Eton College team: B Bachmann, G Carter, N Fuchs, L Manson, G Revelli and B Smith PSOBLTA first pair: Adrian Blackman and Russell Dykes lost to L Manson and B Smith […]

PSOBLTA v Oxford Penguins – 2 June 2018

PSOBLTA v Oxford Penguins Lost 2.5-1.5             PSOBLTA team: Tim Hartland, Brad Keenes, John Loosemore, Julian Pollard and John Taylor On 2 June 2018, there were two matches against Oxford, both fielding a splattering of Pubs members, but only one of which walked off with a winners garland. The IC […]


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